Monday, May 30, 2011

What I Hate About Becoming a Designer

Here is a blog that I came across from Jeremy Davis. I thought it was an interesting read and something that I can sometimes relate to.

It’s been a year since I started to get more into the design aspect of computers but I’d like to share some things that frustrate me as I make this push.

1. Seeing Everything Through a Designer’s Eyes

This is the biggest change for me. The more I get into and learn about design the harder I find it to enjoy simple things. Now I try to analyze everything in a critical manner seeing what could be done to improve upon it.

Here’s a few examples of how my thought process has changed.

Playing a Video Game

  • A Year Ago – Kill the Covenant.
  • Today – I really like this color brown for the Master Chief, this soft blue would compliment his armor well.

Watching a Movie

  • A Year Ago – Opening Credits -> Movie Logo -> Movie -> The End.
  • Today – Opening Credits -> Movie Logo What font is that? Is it scalable? Would it look good in greyscale? It might be better if … -> Movie -> The End.

Seeing Comic Sans in Use

  • A Year Ago – What a cool looking font! I like how they used it in 5 different colors and with 10 others fonts also.
  • Today – A little smile comes across my face as I remember my previous reaction, I roll my eyes and quickly turn away.

Taking a Picture

  • A Year Ago – Point -> Click
  • Today – Point -> Check my framing. Apply Rule of Thirds. Any distracting elements? Check depth of field. -> Click

2. Keeping Up With the Jones’

In this designer/blogger world there are always newer, shinier toys to be purchased and other people doing some amazing things that you would like to be doing.

Buying a Computer

  • A Year Ago – I can just get a few parts and upgrade my PC.
  • Today – I need an iMac for the house, a MacBook Pro for serious work, and a MacBook Air for taking to cafes.

Darren Rowse, David Airey, Elliot Jay Stocks, Brian Clark, Naomi Dunford, Crystal Clayton, Collis Ta’eed, Maki, Lisa Bettany, Seth Godin.

  • A Year Ago – Who?
  • Today – I hope to one day meet these people that have educated, entertained and inspired me. And maybe even do the same for them.

3. Time Management

Time is one of those things that you never have enough of. Since makings strides at being a designer I find myself spending a large portion of my free time doing some design or blog related things.

Free Time

  • A Year Ago – Watching a movie or playing some video games
  • Today – Reading RSS or design book, working on a project, chatting with a client or potential client, blogging.

New Website Visits

  • A Year Ago – Usually takes about 2 minutes to accomplish whatever it is I needed.
  • Today – Now it takes about 10 because I now thoroughly critique all aspects, Color, Navigation, Usability, Standards Compliance and Logo Design. If I like the design I bookmark and tag it. If it does something that I’m not familiar with I dissect the code until I understand what was done.

Feeds to Read in My RSS Reader

  • A Year Ago – 0
  • Today – 95 and counting

Domains to Maintain

  • A Year Ago – 0
  • Today – 9

I Don’t Actually Hate Being a Designer

If that were entirely true it’s not something I would be working hard at. Thus far it has been very rewarding and I look forward to my future, but it is a lot of work. I don’t have as much free time as I use to but I also feel much more profitable with my time than a year ago. I use to spend hours a day playing an online role-playing game. I haven’t logged onto my character since Christmas. I might not be the world’s greatest Black Mage because of this decision, but I have gained so much more by learning new skills and meeting great people.

I truly believe this is only the beginning and that the best it yet to come.

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