Friday, May 13, 2011

Adweek’s Redesign

When you see inspiring and new designs, do you ever say “I can do that!” Then ask why you didn’t think of it first…

An advertising industry trade Adweek is has made some drastic changes to its publication, one being the combination of its three titles, Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek. It is designed by Pentagram’s Luke Hayman. The new publisher Prometheus which is run by Richard Beckman. His effort to transition Adweek from a trade magazine to a B-to-I, or “business to influencer,” helped the publication to title that target other leaders and consumers across industries other than advertising. The new editorial director suggested that, “It’s time for one conversation, not separate ones.” The redesigned Adweek has a larger tabloid format and is printed on higher quality paper to feel more like a consumer title, less like a trade publication. The infographics are pretty cool and very different from what I am use to seeing in ads. The redesign also uses a brand new font designed by Feliciano Type Foundry called Flama Slab, which makes its debut with the redesign. I love the big and boldness of the new font; it makes the viewer not want to look away!

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