Sunday, May 15, 2011


Since I have been working on my Olympic logo posters for my capstone project, I have been deciding on what font would go with each city that I choose. I recently just finished my Olympic logo for Nairobi, Kenya. I searched and searched for a font that would go with the African theme of the city but none of them seemed to hit the nail in the head for me except for Helvetica. This seems like an obvious choice and one that I should have chosen in the beginning of this poster design, but I really was trying to find something a little more different since Helvetica is everywhere!Once I chose Helvetica it just seemed to fit. I feel that you never can go wrong with this font because it is so clean and can really go with anything.

It is crazy to me how this font is used more so than any other font especially on street signs, the Target Logo, The American Apparel Logo, and many more! I have started my second logo for Miri, Malaysia but I think I am going to try another font from Helvetica. You never know though, I may just find myself picking this great font again once my Miri, Malaysia logo is done! Yay for Helvetica!!

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