Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sebastian Onufszak

This week I am going to blog about my favorite German designer, Sebastian Onufszak. His website, http://www.onufszak.com/, is where he puts up all of his work, which is AMAZING. I feel his style is very similar to mine in the way he plays with color, shapes and line to highlight certain aspects of his pieces. All of his works is different, but similar. They all portray different ideas and depict various moods, but I feel like they are all representational of his style. It's loud and vibrant. Even when he uses more subtle design techniques, it still catches your eye and intrigues the viewer. All of his work interests me because I feel like he plays with many different techniques so it seems like he's always making something different. Also, he doesn't stick with just computer art, he draws too; which he also takes back into Adobe and edits to create even more work. Honestly, his work just blows me away. He can create 2D, imitate 3D, make things look artsy or modern, subtle or loud. It seems like his skills are endless and it just baffles me that one person has this much skill and can create this much good work.

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