Monday, May 16, 2011

strong or weak?

I saw this on the sidewalk in front of the post office on sheffield, near the depaul bookstore. when i first saw it, i thought it was pretty cool. stencil street art, guerilla advertising and all that jazz. however, i walked away, but then i walked back to look at it again because i thought it was lacking information. What did they mean by history? Who was playing? plus, when is tonight? i had no idea when that was put there and how long it has been there for. i think that a few more pieces of info would have made it stronger advertising. also, i know that maybe they wanted you to see that and then look it up online, but if you saw it the day after, it would then be a mute point because it would be no longer relevant.

One more thing... do we know if that was put there professionally? or by a fan...?

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