Saturday, May 14, 2011


Creative Billboard Advertisements
While looking of something to blog this week I came across a site with creative billboard ads. Having designed a billboard myself I know the time, effort and creativity that goes into working with the company as well as doing something eye catching and new. This site has done just that, they have found a handful of billboards that make you take a second look. Some are funny some sad and some just brilliant. I personally like Smart: Slim, the one about the small cars placed in between ads for ads for larger cars, I thought it was hilarious and something I would never have thought of. Another one I liked was Koleston Naturals: Change, I like how this one uses the environment and how the sky changes to provide for the filler in the woman cutout it makes for an image that’s will never be the same and can’t really be recreated.
As for an update on my project this week, I officially know how and what I am doing this is serious progress from the last few weeks where I just have vague ideas. But know that I know what I’m doing and have it all laid out I have to figure out how I’m going to sew the over lapping clothes into the exact positions I need them to be in, should be interesting.

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