Tuesday, May 10, 2011

George Orwell is a Culture Jammer

I stumbled across this poster when diving deep into Wooster.com (a street art site that everyone should visit if they are remotely interested in the subject) and I came across this book cover. The title of this book was enough to peak my intrest even if it was only a poster, but then I figured out that it is a students master's statement for a student at the University of Amsterdam. I googled it and found where to get a copy (here), I promptly sent an email requesting my copy. My request is currently pending.

While thinking about the book, I had done another google search to see if there was anything else on the web about this topic, and I found out that the quote on the cover was said by the late great George Orwell. I find this oddly satisfying as well, not only cause he wrote two of my favorite books, but what his writing is about oddly connects all to well to the what culture jamming is about.

Orwell finds small things in the world that don't make sense to him or just need some sort of notification and writes about them drawing more and more attention to them, the same thing that someone who practices in the art of culture jamming. This realization that Orwell is doing the same things that an artist would do just in a different means wildly expands my ideas about other media and opens the possibility of other forms of media.


  1. Let me know if you end up getting a copy sent to you. I think it would be interesting to take a look at it.

  2. Cool find! I really like the title of this book.

  3. Thanks for sharing. And I love the cover design and the type treatment.

  4. This is interesting. I would still consider writing to be an art form