Monday, May 23, 2011

Box of Crayons

Crayon Project by Katie Holloway

Since this class started I have re-discovered my stumble upon addiction, if you don’t have one I suggest you go to and develop one.

For this blog I have stumbled upon a very creative idea that I don’t do nearly enough. Find a different way to use an everyday product; yes I know my project basically is this but I like how this blog has everyone using the same material. The teacher gave all the students an assignment on the first day of class to take a box of 64 crayons and make something else using it. I think I think this is interesting because everyone has such different outcomes and ideas on what to do with their crayons. Some of them suck but there are some really creative ones. I think if I if I was given this assignment would either shave the crayons down and make something using the shavings or melt them like one of the students did.

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