Monday, May 16, 2011





Lately I've been really interested in poster design and the virtual creative freedom that artists have when creating them. Posters to me are supposed to highlight whoever or whatever is being showcased and because of this I feel as if they allow all types of creative solutions without all of the 'rules' that are associated with more publicly seen mediums. I went on a field trip a little while ago with another class and the designers there really enjoyed creating posters because they found that even though it didn't bring in too much revenue it allowed them almost total freedom to just design something they find interesting; to create ideas they want without too many restrictions from the client. I forgot that when you work in a bigger company your ideas get sanded down and compiled with everyone else's so that it no longer becomes your idea anymore, so I find this type of work to be a good solution to keep creative juices flowing. So I found a site that showcases some pretty amazing posters, their are hundreds of site online for this type of thing, but I just stumbled upon this one and I'm impressed. All of these posters give me different reactions to every idea that is being portrayed, but they are all unique and I think reflective of each theme. Above are some of the posters showcased on the site: the first I love because of the futuristic, modern look, yet surreal at the same time. It almost looks as if it's moving, like it's floating. The second, I really just enjoy looking at because of the hidden faces within the pattern. At first glance you just see this repetitive design, but then you notice the two faces and the whole poster changes and I find myself looking at between the two forms. The last one I love because of course it's colorful and bright and everyone knows how I love color. I stare at this and want to know how they did it which is fitting because it's a poster for tuts+, the design teaching website.

Here's the link, check it out!

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