Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Hut

Patricia Zapata is a graphic designer, crafter and the author of Home, Paper, Scissors: Decorative Accessories for the Home. She started her blog ( in 2005 as a way for her to get away from the computer and work on handmade projects. She also has a website where you can purchase some of her cut out creations. Her crafty life has slowly taken over and now she split her time between her design and crafty sides.

I stumbled onto Patricia Zapata’s blog after looking at her graphic design website and fell in love with many of her cut out illustrations. They are youthful and simplistic designs created using an exacto. It seems so simple, but can turn something as boring as a calendar into something unique and creative. The cut outs that she sells on her online store are very practical and can be created at home. She even has books that explain how to create similar designs. Her designs can be used as packaging, wall paper, and artwork.

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