Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smart Graphics.

A blog I frequently visit is blog.ISO50 by Scott Hansen (he also has a portfolio site with some truly awesome designs.). The blog features writings by other designers as well as Scott,  and this past week I saw a post about IBM’s smarter planet campaign. As I have said before, I am on a quest (an obsession really) to reduce my graphics to become as minimal as needed to make my point.

What I love about the photos below is the simple integration of graphics to represent the meaning. I went over to the IBM site’s Smarter Planet Campaign and found each section to be headlines by a great looking graphic.  I have not delved too deeply into the site, but what I loved about the look of each section’s imagery is that I feel there is a degree of respect given to what Paul Rand created back in the late fifties when he re-designed the company’s identity. Rand was fantastic at the use of minimal imagery to make a point or create a look for a company.  I am also glad to see a major company taking such dedication to graphic design and not going with a pointless photo-manipulated mess (not to imply there are not others, but still nice they are doing the flat graphic thing I love so much). 

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