Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Jorge Alderete

Alderete has quickly won me over as one of my favorite designers. I found out about him rather recently, from his being featured in a book I enjoyed immensely (and keep over referencing), Latin American Graphic Design. He is an Argentinian designer who has built his career in Mexico. His most characteristic style is a thick lined, bold colored comic illustration, with seamless decorative typography promoting an event or idea. He references pop culture often: particularly 50's B-movies, rock music, retro Hawaiian kitsch, and Mexican cultural icons, like sugar skulls and luchadors. He is often commissioned to make promotional materials for events, galleries, and bands, especially Lost Acapulco, a surf band who is a recurring client.

Aside from designing, Alderete also owns Isotonic Records, which he co-founded, and owns Vertigo Gallery in Mexico City. 9
(Check out others represented by Pocko People as well. Quality stuff.)

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