Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Great Designers and Some Words on Design

For what (I am assuming) is our last post I wanted to show a couple of videos; one of which I saw on a blog this morning and the other I found on you, but previously saw on (A great resource. If you haven’t given them a look I recommend you do so.)

The Wim Crouwel video has some interesting points about his views on what benefits designers have today and what obstacles they have to overcome. I love listening to these older designers because they have such a solid understanding (or fake it well) of design means to them today and back then. Also, they have a marvelous way of articulating these thoughts. They have spent so many years thinking and developing their own theories on design that it comes through so elegantly and simplified. It is something I strive to gain and one of the reasons I push myself to always consider the “why” of what I am doing.

The second video is by another great designer, Kit Hinrichs. In the video he talks of many things on design all of which I found interesting and useful. I love the look of his San Francisco studio and he seems like an all around nice guy. Anyway, here they are. Take what you will from them and hopefully enjoy what they have to say.

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