Sunday, May 15, 2011


One thing that interests me greatly in design is book covers. I have often studied, envied, and worked to incorporate the style of metaphorical imagery used on book covers.  I very much enjoy how designers of book covers use photos or other imagery to create an enticing design for a book that relates to the book but is not a directly literal translation of the book’s title or theme.

Dave Drummond’s blog is a site I frequently visit because he offers his thought processes on many of his cover creations, but also gives readers a look at some of his rejected covers. It’s a great site for some interesting looks into book cover creation. Something I am striving for in my work is to incorporate more metaphorical imagery, or at least avoiding an obvious image, for my design work. Logos often to the same, taking a lateral thinking view of the topic and creating something interesting and unique.

Other sites that offers views of book covers from many designers, along with links to noted designers and notable books on the topic of cover design is The Book Cover Archive and The Casual Optimist. The latter has an abundance of interviews both written and video from well-known designers. Give them a peek and see what you think of them.

Below are two of Drummond's covers that strike my fancy. Both are simple, clean and effective graphics.

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