Saturday, May 14, 2011


On Friday night I was watching a show on ABC called, Shark Tank. The reality series stars five "Sharks"—multi-millionaire business tycoons—who hear investment proposals from entrepreneurs and consider whether to invest in the businesses. One of the entrepreneurs had a company called Onesole.

"Dominique McClain Barteet, creator of Onesole Shoes, is a pharmacist that worked 12 hours a day. She needed a comfortable shoe that was also fashionable. She invented Onesoles with Soft-Step insoles and interchangeable tops. She traveled extensively and Onesole enabled her to luggage to be lighter. Her design included fashion, comfort, versatility, and convenience."

"Dominique McClain Barteet, RPh, invented and created the Onesole interchangeable shoe, because of an idea and need for such a shoe due to her extensive traveling. She wanted to create a shoe that would be fun, versatile, and comfortable. The Onesole shoe has evolved into a unique shoe concept that can be personalized, customized and is ever changing with the fashion trends easily and affordably. Quick Change Artist launched a line for the Onesole shoes that feature renowned artists work on the tops for a Signature Series Collection!"

"Quick Change Artist's Onesole shoe idea is a 20 year vision that came to fruition in the year 2002. She wanted to create a shoe that would be versatile, fun, economical, and easy for travel.You can virtually have a closet full of different shoes with a couple of our soles and some tops. Each sole has interchangeable tops that fit every sole with just a couple of snaps. This allows you to match any outfit economically and with great comfort. We also have accessories such as t-shirts, hanging collector straps, and bags to collect your different shoe tops. The idea is patented and is constantly expanding every day to fulfill an innovative shoe niche in today's market."

Dominique did all of this with no business or fashion education. I know that Onesole is a product and market for women, but I found her design of the Onesole very interesting. All the different interchangeable graphics or styles are unique as well. Of course many of the "Sharks" on the shoes enjoyed her product and did invest into her business and if I had that kind of money I would have done so myself. I also wanted to point out that most of us are always worried about getting a job after college or worry about if we as designers are good enough at what we do. We may not know what kind of project we will be working on in the future or clients, but it could be something like Dominique started. With no business or fashion education, Dominique became very successful. Never give up, because someday we may be in the same shoes that Dominique created for herself (No pun intended).

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