Monday, May 16, 2011

Creative Suitcase Makes an Impact

So I stumbled across these cool appointment/business cards for Impact Hair Salon on, a website providing daily inspiration for business cards. When you remove or insert the card into the sleeve, the woman's hair changes from straight to wavy and the man's hair changes from gray to black. The reverse of the cards are simple and effective, showing the salon's 50's style. I appreciate the usefulness as well as the interactivity of these cards--not only will they help clients remember their appointment dates, but they're fun and clever too. I think it's important for businesses to invest in designs like this because if I received one of these cards, I'd show it to my friends, and what better way to spread the word about your business than by having unique design collateral. It really shows a level of care and awareness. The cards were designed by a Texas based design firm called Creative Suitcase that has nice, clean design with a pretty wide range of clients. Worth checking out:

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