Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BK rebranding

So I'm not really a fan of fast food, but this article on the redesign of Burger King's "Have It Your Way" was kind of impressive. They have revamped their logo and image with the help of the Interbrand Design Forum. They came up with a cool idea, the Whopper Bar. The company claims that this has boosted their monetary gain by at least 30 percent. I know it doesn't seem like a huge amount, but think of how many stores they have nationwide. They only have a number of Whopper Bars. Their campaigns are pretty interesting, starting a couple years ago with their release of "the King" and now with this new, upscale setting of the Whopper Bar as as burger connoisseur's flame broiled dining experience. I think this new image works in the restaurant's favor. I have always viewed Burger King as a more upscale version of McDonalds, but it is still a fast food restaurant. They plan on serving beer and wine, which is also kind of classy. What does everyone else think about their planned revamped image?


  1. I think their revamped image will bring in more customers. Plus, who can go wrong with beer and wine. I guess it all depends what their prices will be. The design above looks very sharp and bold.

  2. I love it!Change and expansion is usually beneficial in a business. I think it suits them and gives them an advantage over other fast food companies.

  3. I love their new logo! I think that it is perfect in the sense that they are different, although Jack in the Box is somewhat better than Burger King. I lived in Texas in 09' and their commercials always attacked Burger King..and they won. But since there is no Jack In the Box in Chicago, this would definitely be successful here.

    Here's the link to my favorite commercial and an example of what I mean:


  4. I like the new logo! So will all BK locations be serving the booze or is this just at the more upscale burger bars??