Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Film Posters

So I was going through my bookmarked design sites in an effort to get inspiration for Capstone and just creating work in general and I came across Well Medicated’s page about 25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired by Film which have amazing posters. I personally am a fan of posters because I love the freedom that posters gives designers compared to other mediums that come with restrictions because of who their audience is. I really like the American Psycho poster and the way they used the illustrative effect to highlight the contrast between the characters expensive, high-rise apartment and him obviously being of the more noble, refined class versus the idea of him being a murderer. I also really like the Office Space poster. It’s so simple showcasing how a person could go crazy doing the same routine everyday that so many workers complain of to the point that they want to do damage. But it’s really nice because this action also applied in the movie; it looks sarcastic yet it’s what happened. The Pulp Fiction one I don’t like, I think its too much. And even though the movie was excessive, it worked as a whole movie where here I don’t think it does. Also, why is Jules blue? I don’t the point of him being blue and he looks like an avatar.


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