Monday, May 16, 2011

Girl Effect

I love this video's message and design. It deals with girls in developing countries, and what their lives are like. There no talking just typography, icons, music and animation. All these elements put together create an amazing message. I love how they tell the story by first showing how a girl’s life is and then how your help impacts her life and ultimate the world. I feel that this video is more success in SHOWING people the result of their help as opposed to just telling them. This is why design is so important. I feel that this video creates a more powerful and moving message than just telling people about. Designing this story took a lot of creativity and work. The icon of the girl used in the video is shown throughout the campaign, and it proves to be successful. On regards to the organization I feel that it is an amazing idea, and I want to physically go there and rescue all those girls that have no choice. But the way we can help is by investing in one girl, as the video shows us. Do you think this icon style works with the campaign? Is everyone over doing it?

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