Friday, June 3, 2011


I found a very interesting ad for Votswagon Jetta. The complexity of the imagery is amazing. My one critique would be that Mom should look like she’s not falling asleep at the wheel, if “getting there” is what the ad is trying to convey. I do get the relaxation message of tanning at the beach, while the kids play nicely nearby.

I wonder about the designer’s process in making this image. The sand effect is the ad’s best attribute in my opinion. The photography is also great. Many questions come to mind…what is the car made of? Is this a digital photo or rendered on the computer?

The Votswagon logo is one car logo that I always loved because of the simplicity of its design. The san-serif V set on top of the W is very eye pleasing. The result of the crossed W worked out great for them, very clever. I do plan to go into logo designing after college. I’ll be sure to remember that less is more, and minimalism is usually the best way to go with logos. However, this will surely challenge my unconscious and kind of annoying tendency to fill the space, which I actually look forward to.

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