Friday, May 13, 2011

RockResort Ad Campaign

When creating any kind of design campaign I find that coming up with a unifying theme is crucial, yet typically the most difficult step in any process. Even more difficult is being somewhat unique in whatever this unifying element is. When reading my daily dose of “Communication Arts” online, I came across this advertising campaign that I found to be brilliant.

The campaign was created for a string of luxury hotels in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Florida and the Caribbean. They are called Rock Resorts. Just from seeing this first ever branding-campaign, I want to go there! Besides the amazing imagery, I find that it is the typography and the content that is the most alluring and successful throughout this poster series.

The goal of these advertisements was an attempt to have the viewer imagine themselves at each of these amazing locations. The ad company thus created these “be” advertisements, suggesting an inner sense of “being there”. The headlines include {Be}Longing, {Be}Hold, and {Be}Come creating playful titles that compose of two words that stand on their own, but also make sense together as one word. After studying these campaigns I find myself having one of those moments wishing I was the one to come up with this witty approach to advertising!

Below are some examples of the campaign posters. If the photos do not appear, they can be found online at:

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